A Good Ole Friday Night of Gun Violence in America. Pre- America Holocaust March 2014 Edition

United States of America is just Gun Violence Crazy! THere is no other way to put. Friday Night, I was not trying to be thinking about writing and issues I care about like Politics and Gun Violence. Sike, I’m always thinking about a new angle or subject to write about. I’m always looking to “produce, create, and innovate on a higher level”! But Friday Night was different. I wasn’t searching for topics to write about. It was almost like the topics were searching for me. So I ripped off a piece of the Bud Light Packaging and stated taking notes. I took 4 notes:


Bilal Berreni, a French street artist, was found fatally shot in Detroit in July.

Bilal Berreni, a French street artist, was found fatally shot in Detroit in July.

According to the Detroit Free Press

Three years ago, Bilal Berreni left France for Tunisia, where he painted images on cardboard of those who had fallen during the revolution.

He spent time in a camp on the Libyan border to paint images of refugees, and he lived for more than a month in a hut in northern Sweden, drawing and spending hours each day collecting wood to keep warm.

The young French street artist came to Detroit, too. He was here twice, but exactly what he did here still isn’t clear. But the trip he made to the city last year was his last, anywhere.

The 23-year-old painter was found dead at the dilapidated Brewster project on Detroit’s east side. He had been shot in the face, and his body was left lying in the street.

For months, his body was unidentified at the Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office, as loved ones in France waited for word from him.

Authorities had little to go on because no identification was found with his body and some of the clothing he wore, though unique, had been purchased at a Salvation Army store.

But there was one clue: Michigan State Police Detective Trooper Sarah Krebs noticed he was wearing European-style boots. She had his fingerprints run through a federal database, and the hit came back this month.

A young man comes all the way from the other side of the world to document your city? And some Detroit Gun Slinger shots the kid in the head and leave his body in the streets. The body was just identified this month after a year. Police realized Bilal had on European Shoes. And traced the young man back to Europe. So So SAD SAD, not only for this young up and coming artist. But also for the people of Detroit, and the People of America! This just bothered me!

Tyler Zanco, 17

Tyler Zanco, 17

2. Then it’s was news reports of 17 year old Tyler Zanco. Zanco was a 17 year-old Waltham High School Student, who was shot and killed over 2 ounces of marjiuana. That report was on NECN (New England Cable News)

According to the Boston Globe:

The Waltham teenager who was shot in an apartment complex parking lot last week was killed during an attempted drug rip-off that was set up as retaliation against one of the suspects in the shooting, police say.

According to documents filed in court this week, Tyler Zanco, 17, and two friends from Waltham High School planned on Thursday to rob Taylor Poulin, 21, of Newton, believing that Poulin had cheated Zanco’s younger cousin of 2 ounces of marijuana in a previous drug deal.

The plot went awry, and the night ended with Zanco, captain of his high school wrestling team, shot in the back, allegedly by Domingo Mendes, a 22-year-old from Belmont who is now wanted on murder charges.

Just crazy the little value these kids have for each others lives these days! SMH!

3.YG – My Nigga (Remix) (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj

My cousin was listening to this sound. I couldn’t believe how many times the artist was referring to Guns and Shooting someone else? Is this what Hip-Hop has become? What happen to songs like Self-Destruction and We All In The Same Game. But Nicki Minaj did murder her verse!

4. Was the final show of Pier Morgan on CNN. CNN does the same thing over and over again. Where are the young and up and comers and the Diversity of CNN. Well check out What Pier had to say.

So on Friday Night, Gun Violence was around every corner. And it didn’t slow down not one bit on Saturday! Especially here in Massachusetts!


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