Gun Violence Holocaust 2014: Toddler recovers after shot in head

1-year-old boy Shaba

1-year-old boy Shaba

One year old Shaba was shot a day before his second birthday.

According to the WSVN News 7 from Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area: MIAMI (WSVN) — A South Florida toddler is recovering at the hospital after he was shot in the head, right outside his home, early Sunday morning.

Doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital have removed a bullet that was lodged inside little Shaba’s head. The 1-year-old boy, who turns 2 on Monday, was the victim of gun play. “You never know when gun play is gonna hit close to home, especially when there are children involved,” said the boy’s grandmother, Tundra. “His aunt came and woke me up and told me he was wounded.”

His grandmother said the toddler’s grandfather was holding him outside the little boy’s mother’s home, near Northwest 75th Street and Northwest Eighth Avenue in Miami. He was sleeping in his grandfather’s arms, when guns went off, said Tundra. She said the grandfather ducked, but a single bullet hit Shaba in the head.

Doctors rushed Shaba into surgery to remove the bullet. “He didn’t need CPR because he was breathing,” said Tundra. “He was breathing before he left, and he was having movement in his body. He was just crying because he was agitated.”

Tundra said she hopes Shaba is able to fully recover. “I’m not even worried about the people who did it. I’m not worried bout nothing else but his safety and is he going to be normal.”


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