Michigan State University 20 year-old Dominique Nolff shot and killed in off-campus shooting.

Mother of slain MSU student calls shooting tragic as police search for killer (How many college students have been shot in the NEW YEAR?): EAST LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – East Lansing police are looking for a murder suspect, wanted for shooting and killing a Michigan State University student Friday night.

That student was 20-year-old Dominique Nolff, from Middleville in Barry County. Another student from West Michigan was shot during this apparent robbery, but he was treated and released from the hospital.

Right now, police don’t believe this crime was a random act of violence.
Nolff’s mother tells Newschannel 3 her son was a good kid and it’s tragic his life ended in gun violence. The student was shot inside an off-campus apartment on Friday night around 8:45. Investigators found two victims at an off campus apartment and rushed them to the hospital.

-” Blood on the door, blood on the wall, bullet holes in the wall, and right now that’s all we know,” one student who lives near the scene says.

Nolff’s mother tells Newschanne…l 3 it was an attempted burglary gone wrong. Her son, known as “DJ” was shot several times: in the side, the back and back of the head.

Reports say the second victim was Corbin Holwerda of Grand Haven. He was apparently treated and released from the hospital. On his Twitter page, it says, “Everyone needs to pray for DJ. Everyone needs to show your support. #PrayforDJ.”

“We heard some screaming and looked at each other and then kind of brushed it off and then we saw an ambulance outside,” another student says.


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