As a 9 year old says farewell to his mother, another 9 year old is shot.


On Friday, I went to the funeral of my cousin’s boyfriend’s sister. Did you get all that? My cousin’s brother knows I read and write a lot about Gun Violence. So he invited me to the funeral in Everett. This young man is 9 year old, Jaron Montgomery. Jaron’s Mother,  Teasia Shante Montgomery, was shot and killed on the morning of January 27 in the Mattapan Section of Boston. What is so interesting about this 9 year old’s story is at the same time Jaron was giving his final farewell to his mother on February 7, 2014 at around 11:30 a.m. in Everett. Across town, another 9 year old boy was also about to be effected by Gun Violence. Jan Marcos Pena, would loss his live at around 9 year-old Pena was shot and killed by his 14 year old brother. As we were leaving the funeral at noon. My Facebook Feed started blowing up with all the Boston Media outlets reporting an 11 year old boy had just been shot by his 14 year old brother. The Boston Media outlets would soon corrected themselves with the news that it wasn’t an 11 year old who had been shot, but it had been a 9 year old boy, who should’ve been in school, who was shot and killed by his 14 year old brother. Below, this is 9 year old Jaron Montgomery’s message to his slain mother. Jaron’s mother, Teasia Montgomery, was the 6th homicide victim in Boston in 2014. 9 year old Jan Marcos Pena is the 10th victim in 2014.

You are in a better place. Where you will never have to worry about anything,anymore.I love you. Your beautiful smile, I use to wake up just to see you smile  every morning. I miss you. I really miss you so so much. And when the people that hurt you get caught. I will come to the judge to much sure they will never hurt anyone ever again. I will think about you and your beautiful face every single day of my life.I will never forget the   we had. and the memories that we had. I had you all to myself for 9 years. And I am happy about that. You will always hold a very special place in my heart. I promise I will always give a hundred percent effort for everything I do. I will finish school. Go college, get married, and some day have a family. I know you will be very proud of me. Because I will always be proud to say you are my mommy.

I will love you always,

Jaron Montgomery


Mayor @marty_walsh “An 11 yr old should not be shot late in the morning… he should be in school.”


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